Absorbeez Strip Large Sandless Sandbags (5 bags)

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Ready to Use Absorbeez Strip Large Sandless Sandbags

These larger strips are suitable for containing or channeling small amounts of water.

Quick Facts

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  • 2,000 mm  x  50 mm
  • Absorbs 4 litres of water
  • Pack of 5


Does your patio have a drainage problem, so when it rains heavily a small pond forms in the centre of it?  Or maybe you have plants on your patio and every time you water them the draining water seems to be out of control? Absorbeez Strip Large Sandless Sandbags will solve your water run-off issues.

Absorbeez Strip Large Sandless Sandbags are made specifically to keep those pesky amounts of water under control, thus preventing them from running into other areas of the house.

Absorbeez is designed to help stop water going where you don’t want it to go and remove water after it has gone where you didn’t want it to go.  The ideal leak intervention and flood protection product … but it’s not a sand bag!

Absorbeez Strip Large Sandless Sandbags are thin and long enough to offer a great water absorption service. They measure 2,000 mm  x  50 mm, and they come in packs of 5 units each.

Each unit can absorb up to 4 litres of water…that’s a total of 20 litres of water!  You can see why they are an invaluable item for any household or business.

Absorbeez sandless sand bags come in 10 different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements – from 30cm to 7.25 metres long.  For smaller, more centralized drainage issues, try the Absorbeez Square Sandless Sandbag.

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