Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Medium (5 bags)

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Ready to Use Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Medium

These bags are for absorbing condensation, drips and leaks from residential and commercial fridges and freezers.

Quick Facts

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  • 1,000 mm  x  50 mm
  • Absorbs 2 litres of water
  • Pack of 5


Everybody should have at least one pack of Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Medium Sandless Sandbags at home or at their store. They are so practical and convenient!  They are very handy when you need to absorb water leaking from your fridge as result of condensation and drips.

Fridge Leak Booms were recently developed for use in supermarkets and food retailers where commercial freezers / chillers are used.  They are  designed to absorb drips from condensation forming on commercial freezers and protect internal customer areas thus helping to keep them dry and safe for customers.

As every other Absorbeez product, the Fridge Leak Boom has three main characteristics:

  • They are clean
  • They are light in weight
  • They do not need to be replaced for weeks or months

In addition, they definitely look much nicer than those ugly and heavy sandbags you generally use to keep water away from certain areas of your house or place of business.

Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Medium Sandless Sandbags begin preventing your leaking freezer from causing a mess at home or in your store as soon as they receive their first drop of water, and they have outstanding water absorption power:  2 litres for each unit!

One unit measures 1,000 mm  x  50 mm and it comes in a pack of 5 units.

For larger areas, consider the Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Large.

Absorbeez sandless sand bags come in 10 different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements – from 30cm to 7.25 metres long.  They combine advanced technology with practical experience to produce a range of water absorbent products that are the best in class.

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