Absorbeez Single Door Medium Sandbag (5 Bags)

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The Single Door Medium Sandbag is an ideal size to protect the standard house door.

Quick Facts

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  • 1,000 mm  x  200 mm
  • Absorbs 17 litres of water
  • Pack of 5


About The Single Door Medium Sandbag

Are you leaving your house for the weekend and the weather forecast announces heavy rain in your area? Are you travelling for the holidays and afraid to return and find that water has seeped through your door while you were out?

If so, you are also probably tired of relying on heavy and dirty sandbags to keep your house protected from unwanted water.

Fortunately Absorbeez has developed the Absorbeez Single Door Medium Sandbag.  This is an innovative product that every homeowner should have on hand at all times. It offers even more water absorbing power than traditional sandbags with the advantage that it is much cleaner to use and lighter to transport.

Absorbeez is designed to help stop water going where you don’t want it to go and remove water after it has gone where you didn’t want it to go. The ideal leak intervention and flood protection product … but it’s not a sand bag!

Our clients love the Single Door Medium Sandbag because it becomes an instant and effective barrier against flooding as soon as the bag gets wet.

Measuring 1,000 mm x 200 mm, it fits perfectly in any standard house door. It can absorb up to 17 litres of water and it comes in a pack of 5.

As the whole doorway can be protected with a wall of sandless sandbags stacked in the doorway, the flood protection barrier is less prone to leaking when compared to a wall of sandbags or a wall made from our Standard Sandbags.

From a satisfied customer:  “Absorbeez saved us during all the heavy rains Sydney had this month as we were fed up with using lots of towels!  We had water flowing in under our front door because the drain out the front is so small… the Absorbeez did a fantastic job of absorbing all the water.  I think there is still room to absorb more as it does not seem very full.”

Said Bianca from Sydney during the March 2012 storms.

Additional information

Weight 2.53 kg

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