Sandless Sandbags

Sandless Sandbags for Flood Protection and Water Absorption

Light Sandless Sandbags

The most advanced, most absorbent and most reliable name in sandless sandbags. Welcome to an innovative, new and fantastic sandbag product that should be accessible and available in every workplace and home.


10 Shapes and Sizes

Absorbeez sandless sand bags come in 10 different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements – from 10cm to 7.25 metres long.


Say Goodbye To Sand

Say goodbye to heavy, dirty sandbags that often split and say hello to the lightweight, clean and simple to use, Absorbeez self-inflating, sandless sand bags.


Flood Protection and More

Absorbeez is designed to help stop water going where you don’t want it to go and remove water after it has gone where you didn’t want it to go. The ideal leak intervention and flood protection product … but its not a sand bag.

Buy these clean, light, easy to store sandless sandbags and be prepared for your next flood threat.