How Absorbeez Sandbags Work

The main material in the bags is a patented supacore multi-layer cellulose fluff pulp containing a measured amount of sodium polyacrylate polymergranule heat and pressure bonded to form the supacore.

Once this supercore comes in contact with water it absorbs the water and swells up in the process. The swelling up means the bag then becomes much larger and heavier and can be used to form a barrier – just like and ordinary sandbag. This is because there are two factors needed to form a barrier:

  1. Size.
  2. Weight (1 litre of water weighs approximately 1 kg).

This video demonstrates the process. An Absorbeez sample bag that is 10cm square, 1cm thick and weighs just 29 grams absorbs 400ml of water and will multiply its weight by over 15 times to approximately 420g.

A Range of Weights and Sizes For Flood Protection

There is a range of 10 Absorbeez sandless sandbags from 30cm to 7.25m long – so you can find one for that is perfect for your flood protection, water diversion or water absorption needs.

For example, the Absorbag 60 sandless sandbag is 60cm x 30cm and 1cm thick. It can absorb an incredible 16 litres of water and swells up to over 10 times its dry height and 36 times its dry weight to just over 16kg.

Absorbeez Sandbags Provide Continuous Protection

Once inflated in water you can leave them in place for weeks and even months to continuously prevent water from entering your property.