Absorbeez Plumbag Leak Catcher (5 bags)

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Ready to Use Plumbag – Absorbeez for Plumbers

The Plumbag is an ideal size and construction to be carried by plumbers.  With one side of the bag having a waterproof outer layer to lie down on a wet floor and have the absorbent side on the top to catch drips and leaks!

Quick Facts

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  • 300 mm  x  300 mm
  • Absorbs 4 litres of water
  • Pack of 5


Are you a DIY plumber who would like to be ready for any plumbing-related inconvenience you may face? Or are you a professional plumber wanting to offer your clients a better and cleaner service? You should definitely try Absorbeez Plumbag Leak Catcher.

It allows both professional and non-professional plumbers to work on leaking pipes or on a wet floor with ease. This water absorbing product can be used to keep the dripping pipe under control until you or the plumber figure out the best way to solve the problem.

One of the major advantages it offers in comparison to other similar products available in the market is that it one side has a water-proof outer layer.  This allows you to place it on the wet floor to prevent water from flooding into other rooms of the house while at the same time it absorbs the water that drips from a pipe or faucet. Imagine water dripping from your ceiling onto the carpet. The Plumbag leak catcher can catch the drips while not allowing the absorbed water to drain from the bag into the carpet.

And if you are working in a wet area, you can put down the Plumbag, to absorb the water and kneel on it to complete your work and not get wet.

The Plumbag  comes in an ideal size of 300 mm x 300 mm, and it has a waterproof outer layer on one side and an absorbent top to catch drips and leaks. It can absorb up to 4 litres of water, and each pack contains 5 individual units.

If this sounds like a product you need to simplify your plumbing efforts, you will also appreciate the Absorbeez Fridge Leak Boom Medium.

From a satisfied customer:

“I had water streaming down the kitchen wall under the sink and I was afraid the cupboards and floor would be damaged.  Absorbeez were delivered promptly and stopped all the water.  Better than towels as it actually absorbed and contained the water.  I strongly recommend everyone to keep a few at home for emergencies”.

Said Mrs Thompson of Sydney.

The Plumbag was used as it has one impermeable side so that the chipboard cupboard wall did not come into contact with water.

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