Absorbeez Square Sandbags (10 Bags)


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Are your flood protection activities restricted by the weight you can carry?  If you struggle to carry heavier sandbags, then this is the best product for you.

Ready to Use Absorbeez Square Sandbag

Quick Facts

  • Maximum of 8kg in weight and effortless handling.
  • 300mm x 300mm
  • Absorbs 8 litres of water.
  • Pack of 10

It’s is perfect for those occasions in which you need a small protective barrier against water and to you also need to be able to handle it effortlessly.  It measures 300mm x 300mm and it can absorb 8 litres of water so at 8kg, it weighs about half of the standard bag.

The Absorbeez Square Sandbag is an extremely efficient product, light in weight and convenient that can be used for weeks or months as needed.  It is an innovative, new and fantastic sandbag product that should be accessible and available in every workplace and home.

The Square Sandbag comes in a pack of 10 bas, so you can be ready for issues in more than just one location.

No other product has the adaptability and wide ranges of use as Absorbeez. The many sizes available mean that they can be used in a variety of situations whilst their outstanding strength ensures that they can stand up to the rigours of being thrown around in disaster situations and even driven over.

Absorbeez combine advanced technology with  practical  experience  to produce a range of water absorbent products that are the best in class. Our sand bags come in 10 different shapes and sizes to meet your requirements – from 30cm to 7.25 metres long.

For larger volume needs, try the Standard Sandbags.

From a satisfied customer:  “The end of sandbags as far as we are concerned.”

West Lothian fire brigade, during flood clean-up in 2005.

Another satisfied customer:  “Amazing – they are a life saver!”

Hertfordshire County Council during flood clean-up in 2007.

Additional information

Weight 2.22 kg